Saturday, April 30, 2011

Unusual case of Diastematomylia

  • 4 year old male child-Tuft of hair over lumber spine since birth
  • Born at full term §
  • Pre and post-natal histories were not contributory
  • Physical and mental development were normal

  • No neurological deficits
    • §
  • Tuft of hair on the back at lumber spine
    • §
  • 3D CT reconstruction
    • §
  • MRI lumbosacaral spine
  • Hypertrophic posterior elements §
  • Two bony spurs at L1 and L3, covered by dural sleeves, extradural in location
  • Type 1 SCM
  • The two spurs were complete i.e. from vertebral body to lamina
  • Upper spur was cephalad and the lower one was caudal in direction
  • Postoperative period uneventful


§D12-L4 laminectomy with excision of bony spurs L1 and L3 with detethering of cord done on 17.03.11