Monday, October 7, 2013

Basi-Frontal Meningioma

A 45 year old gentleman presented with inability to smell for 20 years and recent onset alteration of memory. MRI Scan of his brain showed a Large Tumour at the base of the brain, behind the forehead – a Basi-Frontal Meningioma.

The tumour was removed completely and the patient recovered nicely. Histopathology (microscopic assessment of the tumour tissue by Neuro-Pathologist) showed a Transitional Meningioma (WHO grade I) – a benign tumour.  

These tumours have a rich blood supply and are prone to bleeding during surgery. The nerves of smell along with centres for memory, behaviour and continence are located in this area of the brain. The nerves of vision as well as blood supply to one’s legs are closely related. Therefore, careful removal of the tumour by microsurgical technique is essential to avoid damaging these structures.