Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cervical Intramedullary Tumor

- 31 yr old presented with c/c of-
- Neck stiffness with restriction of neck movements-5 months
- Weakness in both upper limbs-3 months
- Sensory loss in both upper limbs-3 months
- Urinary urgency-3 months

- Lower motor type of weakness in both upper limbs more on left side with sparing of both lower limbs
- Sensory loss in both upper limbs in C5 to T1 distribution with dissociation
- B/L biceps and supinators inverted, triceps normal, B/L lower limb jerks exaggerated
- B/L plantars-extensors
- Restriction of neck movements in all directions

MRI cervical spine:

C2-C6 laminectomy with complete excision of the tumor done

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